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Asking How to
Hey all
Does anybody know how to switch off the data execution prevention feature in Windows XP?

Posted by MilkaDE on 04-November-06
Council Acts to Protect Tugboat?s Windows
A stone path running along the edge of Freyberg Lagoon is going to be overlaid with bigger rocks to discourage vandals using the existing stones to smash the windows of the Tugboat on the Bay restaurant.


Posted by john on 02-October-05
Featherston Street and Waring Taylor Intersection Upgrade

The Featherston Street and Waring Taylor Street intersection will be paved with gold and shaded by trees when Wellington City Council completes work on upgrading and widening the footpath around the intersection at the end of November.

Posted by nonu on 27-September-05
Weekend Delight for Tulip Lovers

Head down to Wellington Botanic Garden next weekend (1 and 2 October) and celebrate spring amid tulips galore.

It's tulip weekend ? a chance to see New Zealand's biggest and best public tulip display, says the City Council's Botanic Gardens Manager, David Sole.

"This year there are 24,000 tulips including the popular mixed display the public loved so much last year," he says. "Five thousand bulbs in 10 different colours were planted in one bed along the back drive in the main garden and the bed is now a blaze of colour.

Posted by james on 25-September-05
Wellington to hold Kong's NZ premiere
According to Stuff, Wellington can again go ape over movie stars on a red carpet when Peter Jackson's $200 million King Kong has its New Zealand premiere in the capital on December 14.


Posted by Steve on 07-September-05

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