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Abel Smith Street Adelaide Road Alfred Street Anderson Terrace Arlington Street Aro Street Arthur Street Bidwill Street Brooklyn Road Broomhedge Street Brown Street Buller Street Bute Street Carrington Street Claytons Avenue College Street Coombe Street Cuba Street Douglas Street Drummond Street Dunlop Terrace Ebor Street Egmont Street Finlay Terrace Frederick Street Furness Lane Ghuznee Street Girton Terrace Haining Street Hankey Street Hargreaves Street Hopper Street Howard Street Inverloch Place Jessie Street Kelvin Grove Keningston Street King Street Knigges Avenue Leeds Street Lorne Street Marion Street McAlpine Avenue Myrtle Crescent Nairn Street Oak Park Avenue Oxford Street Papawai Terrace Ranfurly Terrace Rolleston Street Rugby Street Salisbury Terrace Sussex Street Tainui Terrace Tasman Street The Terrace Thompson Street Torrens Terrace Tory Street Tui Street Victoria Street Vivian Street Wallace Street Walter Street Watson Street Webb Street Wigan Street Willis Street Wright Street Yale Road York Street Youngs Avenue

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